Do You Need to Lower Your Commercial Property Taxes?

If you received a commercial property tax determination that you feel is unreasonable, you have options. You have the right to appeal the appraisal district’s property tax appraisal. To do this successfully, though, you need the counsel of a law firm that has handled several of these cases.

We are Pendergraft & Simon, L.L.P. Our Houston law firm has worked with individuals and business entities across several industries to appeal commercial property tax valuations. We will assess your case to determine the grounds that give you the best chance of a successful appeal. Then, we will work tirelessly to attain a more favorable tax appraisal of your commercial property.

What to Know About Tax Appraisals and Appeals

Under the Texas tax code, you have the right to appeal the assessment made by the appraisal district. These are the steps of the process:

  • File a protest: You can file a formal protest called a property tax appeal or write a letter of protest to your appraisal district.
  • Appraise your property value: You have several options for establishing property value, including cost, sales comparisons and income comparisons.
  • Attend a hearing: You and your attorney will attend a hearing with the appraisal review board in which you will present your case.
  • Proceed to trial: If the board refuses to adjust your taxes, you may need to file a lawsuit to appeal the decision in a district court.

Having handled these steps many times with many clients, our attorneys know exactly how to approach each step strategically.

Our Network is Ready to Help You

To build a persuasive appeal, you may need to work with tax consultants and other professionals. At Pendergraft & Simon, L.L.P., we have developed relationships with several external resources that can help us help our clients. When you hire us, you also get our extensive network of tax resources at the ready.

Schedule a Consultation About Your Property Taxes

This area of law is incredibly complex. Even if it seems daunting, do not hesitate to contact Pendergraft & Simon, L.L.P. Our attorneys are ready to assist you. To schedule an initial consultation at our Houston firm, call 713-528-8555 or send an email today.